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Step 1: Pre-production


We start, by defining the mission of the video: increase brand awareness, educate, or explain how your product works, etc.

Script & Voiceover Text

The idea takes shape and becomes a story.


A visual sketch of the visuals for each scene.

Style definition

Defining the "look" of the video, with the style of your brand in mind.

Step 2: Visuals and Audio

We gather all the bits and pieces needed for the final result.

  • Illustration according to the storyboard in the approved style.

  • Recording of the voiceover by a professional voice actor.

  • Selection of background music.

  • Animatic, using the voiceover and illustrations put to music according to the approved script.

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Step 3: Animation

This is where the illustrations start moving and characters come to life. We animate the illustration to the voiceover and music according to the script and storyboard. It all culminates in the final result – an engaging video.

This 3-step process is great for two reasons:

  • You are always aware of what is happening, what the next steps are, and you can see the project evolve.

  • You are flexible and can spot what you'd like to adjust int the process, rather than after you see the end result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of factors: complexity of animation, style of illustrations, video length, etc. But in general a 60-second animated video of average complexity takes around 4 weeks to complete.

We believe that style and type of animation should complement the story. It's a tool to pass your message. That said we crate various types of animation: Typography, Iconography, Character animation, 2.5D parallax animation, 3D animation. One video can contain several styles combined.

A storyboard is a visual guide for what would happen on the screen. Usually it is a very simple sketch, mostly hand-drawn.

An animatic is very a simple video, almost like a slideshow of illustrations in the order they would appear in the final video. Usually it contains the voiceover and music. An animatic gives you an idea of how the story unfolds and lets you make corrections before the hard work of animation is done. Thus making the process much more efficient.

All work we do for you belongs to you. You own the rights and use the final video as you see fit. The only thing we ask is that you let us showcase it in our portfolio.

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